Bo Martin

Bo began swimming at age 10 when, one summer day, he stumbled upon a swim meet at his local pool.  He jumped in, won a bunch of ribbons, and was hooked.  He must have made an impression on others as well, for the coach asked him to join the team on the spot.

Bo continued swimming with summer age group teams in his hometown of Delaware, Ohio.  When he entered Hayes High School, he was immediately recruited for the varsity swim team and competed all four years for the Pacers, becoming the first swimmer in the school’s history to make Top Ten in State.

After high school, Bo took a 23-year hiatus from swimming.  He returned to the sport in 2000, when he joined the Sharks for health reasons.  Within a year he had lost 60 lbs. and was swimming freestyle races as fast as he did in high school.

COACHING PHILOSOPHY: Bo understands that swimming as an adult is different than the swimming we did as youths.  He emphasizes technique, including stroke mechanics, breathing control, and efficient turns.  He has improved his own swimming by using knowledge he has gained from many coaches, books and videos, and is now happy to share this with the Sharks in his capacity as coach.


Chris Canaday

Chris began swimming competitively at age 7 in his home state of Virginia. In his teens he set state records while swimming USS and competing for his high school team – the Quantico Devil Dolphins – and the Briarwood Aquatic Club in Richmond, Virginia. At Denison University he swam for two years and coached age-group swimming, but drifted away from the sport as other interests took hold.

Chris regained his love for swimming, and discovered his passion for coaching, when he joined a Masters swim team in the late 90’s. He now competes internationally in Masters competitions, where he has placed in the top five. His specialty events are the 100 and 200 Breaststroke, Freestyle sprint, and 200 IM.

In addition to his work with the Sharks, Chris manages the Discovery Swim School in Columbus, Ohio, providing swim lessons and individualized training for all levels of adult swimmers, and provides Coaching for Success through Christopher Canaday Consulting.

COACHING PHILOSOPHY: Chris believes that swimming is an art form – like dance – in which the physics of the stroke and the aesthetics of the stroke must be balanced. He encourages every swimmer to find the thing they love about swimming – whether it be the peacefulness of having one’s head under water, or the excitement of competition – because it is this enjoyment that will keep them swimming for life.


Erin Ritter

Erin Ritter began swimming when she was five years old — not surprising, since she comes from a family of champion swimmers.  Her parents, Jim and Susan, are members of the Sharks and are both USMS National Top Ten.  Erin’s brother Adam swam for the University of Arizona, one of the top swimming programs in the US, and competed in the US Olympic Swimming Trials in the summer of 2012.  In high school, Erin was a four-time Ohio Capitol Conference Champion (500 Free and 200 Free).  Since then, she has trained as a lifeguard, given swim lessons to pupils of ages ranging from 6 to 65, and has coached both age-group swimming and Masters.  In addition to coaching the Sharks on Saturdays, Erin currently coaches the 8-and-unders for the Greater Columbus Swim Team Organization (GCSTO) and the age-group swim team at the Jefferson Country Club.

COACHING PHILOSOPHY: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”