(chris coaching)Sharks practices vary in length from 2500-5000 yards, depending on what the practice is designed to accomplish.  In a sprint workout, for example, we may swim fewer yards but at a much higher intensity.  Saturday practices, which are an hour and a half long, are often used for long-distance freestyle workouts.  Our coaches work together to offer a variety of sets that usually include a warm up, stroke technique drills, a high-intensity main set, kick sets, pull sets, paddle swims, breath control, and cool-down.  If you swim a 1:15 pace, you can expect to complete 3200 SCY in a typical Sharks workout.

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Our coaches enjoy helping swimmers reach their goals, so no matter what you’re training for – a pool meet, an open water race, a triathlon, weight loss, rehabilitation – let us know and we’ll work with you individually to make it happen!