The Columbus Sharks is a United States Masters* swim team located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. We provide an early-morning fitness program for adult swimmers of all levels who wish to enhance their life, health, and athletic performance through aquatic physical conditioning.

The Sharks practice four times a week (five times a week in the summer), and members may attend as few or as many practices as they like. We have coaches on deck at every practice to provide workouts (tailored to your skill level and interests), encouragement, and advice about how to improve your swimming. Our membership includes a wide range of ages, from fresh-out-of-college to the retired. Our members swim for a variety of reasons: some compete internationally, nationally, or locally in Masters swim meets; some are competitive triathletes or open-water swimmers; some swim for fitness, and some swim just for relaxation and the overall health benefits of the sport.

As a Shark, you will be able to meet new people with like interests, participate in team socials, and travel and compete with your teammates. You will find that your fellow Sharks are able to provide the support you need to meet your personal fitness goals. If you just can’t get motivated to go to the gym and work out alone, then try swimming with the Sharks!

*United States Masters Swimming (USMS) is a national organization founded in 1970 which promotes fitness and health in adults by supporting local Masters swimming programs. For more information about USMS, visit their website.
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team photo summer 2011

The Columbus Sharks on August 13, 2011